Birth Photography 

Birth stories are the best kept secrets.  Birth is beautiful.   Birth is powerful.  Birth is so much more than just a baby coming out.  Its magic.  I can’t explain it.  But I can show you through photos.  

All packages include
Face to face meeting to go over all the details
Minimum of 75 photos
Photos of the Labor and Birth

All packages can be created "à la carte".  Let's chat some more and find the perfect package for you. 

ou will receive the printing rights for all photos purchased. 

Add a video, prints, albums. See the Investment page for more information.   

There is something about capturing a person who is at her most powerful and goddess state in photos.  From the very first contraction right up to the part where everyone is tucked in and ready to sleep, the energy that is shared during a birth is breathtaking, almost surreal. 

My role as part of the birth team is to take photos.  I capture the energy in the details of everything that makes this part of their birth story.   I’m so inspired by hearing peoples birth stories, trying to recollect some of the most amazing moments in their lives.  I’m glad birth photography has become “a thing”.  It helps remember everything about that special day.  

Lots of conversations are had before showing up at a birth.  A birth photographer becomes part of the birth team and end up working closely with them throughout.   Usually, after the birth, clients are surprised I was even there at specific times.  The people I get to meet through birth photography are simply amazing human beings.  

See my Blog Post about my award winning photo 

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