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Je suis franco-ontarienne :) 

Why does a photo mean so much? Because it brings us back to that time and place. It’s what helps us keep our memories alive! 

I have always been passionate about photography. When I was little girl, family nights were often spent looking at slides projected onto a white wall in our home. We had popcorn and shared stories about the times when those photos were taken. Those nights are my favorite childhood memories. They are the reason that I have owned a camera for as long as I can remember. I am amazed at every new discovery I learn about photography and am now addicted to that feeling.   


The families and people I’ve worked with have inspired me to push my creative boundaries.  I’ve also met some incredibly talented photographers who have helped me grow and learn along the way. I love meeting new families and hearing their stories. I feel genuinely honoured to work with them to capture some of the special moments in their lives. I would be honoured to do the same for you.

I live in Ottawa. I am married to the world’s most wonderful man and we have 3 beautiful children. 

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Ottawa Family Photographer