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International Award Winning Ottawa Birth Photographer

February 23, 2018

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International Award Winning Ottawa Birth Photographer

February 23, 2018


About the winning photo


She was determined to birth in her Ottawa Home.  Who could of predicted that this little person would be born with his eyes open, smiling and waving hello.  He seemed completely aware of what was going on. 



This is a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) .  You can see the scar in the photo.   This mama surrounded herself with a wonderful team of midwifes, an amazing Doula, and the most attentive husband.  Her team was solid.  She was determined to birth at home, listening to her own music, at candle light and with the people she trusted the most to get her through this.  I was so happy to be able to capture such a clear picture of this little person being born with his eyes open, smiling, waving hello and completely aware of what was happening.   


Birth Photography, when did it all start

I photographed my first birth 2 years ago.  I think I silently sobbed in amazement and in awe the whole time I was there.  I couldn’t believe  I witnessed such a special moment (a usually private one) in people’s lives.  The birth of their child.  I felt part of a team.  The feeling of humbleness was profound. 

Why I do birth photography

There is something about capturing a person who is at her most powerful and goddess state in photos.  From the very first contraction right up to the part where everyone is tucked in and ready to sleep, the energy that is shared during a birth is breathtaking, almost surreal.  My role as part of the birth team is to take photos.  I need to capture the energy in the details of everything that makes this part of their birth story.   I’m so inspired by hearing peoples birth stories, trying to recollect some of the most amazing moments in their lives.  I’m glad birth photography has become “a thing”.  It helps remember everything about that special day.  


What happens when you hire a birth photographer 

Lots of conversations are had before showing up at a birth.  A birth photographer becomes part of the birth team and end up working closely with them throughout.   Usually, after the birth, clients are surprised I was even there at specific times.  The people I get to meet through birth photography are simply amazing human beings.  Get more information here Dominique Lamontagne Birth Photography 




Ottawa (Ontario) Birth Photographers

Ottawa (Ontario) Canada have amazing birth photographers.  I think I’ve learned from some of the very best.  We have a good support network and we try to work as a team as much as we can.   We’re glad that Ottawa photographers placed well in the Birth Becomes Her contest! 


Everyone alive has been born
Everyone alive has been born.  It’s just the way it works.   Birth is beautiful.   Birth is powerful.  Birth is so much more than just a baby coming out.  Its magic.  I can’t explain it.  But I can show you through photos.  

Here's a short list of all the news media outlets that have promoted the Birth Becomes Her 2018 contest winners including my award winning photo! 

Bored Panda

Huffington Post 

The Natural Parent Magazine

Mums Grapevine

I'll add them as I see them! 

Dominique Lamontagne
Ottawa (Ontario) Canada

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